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PG-13, Comedy

After serving a jail term for robbery, Zequi (Omar Chaparro) is freed—only to discover his buried loot lies directly under a newly built high school gym! To gain access to the cash, Zequi cons his way into a job as Frida Kahlo High’s cool new substitute teacher. But before Zequi collects the money, the ex-thief will have to face a class of rowdy kids and a beautiful teacher (Martha Higareda) who just might steal his heart in this over-the-top and outrageously funny comedy.

Omar Chaparro as Zequi
Martha Higareda as Lucy
Monica Dionne as Miss Gaby
Rocio Garcia as Jenny
Regina Pavon as Monica
Mario Moran as Cristobal
Raquel Garza as Miss Ingrid
Pakey Vazquez as Kaliman
El Cibernetico as Paco
Norma Angelica as Lic. Lopez
Memo Dorantes as Romo
Carla Adell as Laura
Karen Furlong as Nayeli
Pamela Moreno as Cuquis
Emanuel Lattanzio as German
Rogelio Frausto as Leo
Daniel Martinez as Evaristo
Miriam Calderón as Miss Gimena
Nacho G. Velilla Director
Laurence Rosenthal Writer
Claudio Herrera Writer
Sergio Adrian Sánchez Writer