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NR, 2 hr. 20 mins., Drama
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Mia dreams of singing, Quentin dreams of dancing, Paalo wants to mend the relationship with his daughter and Alonzo hopes to reconnect with his family, but the realities of abuse, failure and their broken pasts, as well as a notorious criminal, make the path to their dreams an uphill battle. Set in urban Chicago, these four stories are woven together to create an inspiring tale of the hard work it takes to achieve one’s dreams.

Angie Stone as Marlene
Tommy Ford as Jackson
Terri J. Vaughn as Elise
Mel Jackson as Mia's Father
Geoffrey Owens as Mr. Welch
Vickie Winans as Veronica (Mia's Mother)
Lou Myers as Uncle Reggie
Dennis "LA" White as Jermaine
Lisa Tucker as Nicole
Marchello Lee as Quentin Anderson
Jason "J'Son" Watson as Alonzo
Joseph Awinongya as Paalo
Marvin L. Winans Jr. as Dante
Syesha Mercado as Mia
Steve Heinichen Story
Charice N. Long Writer
Joel Kapity Story/Director