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NR, 2 hr. 31 mins.

An amusing and wistful story of great passions and passionate utopian dreams. A legend thronged with heroes … A Sicilian family depicted across three generations: from Cicco to his son Peppino to his grandson Pietro… Touching lightly upon the private lives of these characters and their families, the film evokes the loves, dreams and disappointments of an entire community in the Palermo province from the 1930s up to the 1980s: during the Fascist period, Cicco is a humble shepherd who, however, finds time to pursue his passion: books, epic poems, the great popular romance novels. In the days when people went hungry and during World War II, his son Peppino witnesses injustice and discovers a passion for politics. After the war, his fateful encounter with the woman of his life. A relationship opposed by one and all because Peppino has become a Communist. But the two young lovers will succeed in fulfilling their dream.

Alfio Sorbello as Cicco (young boy)
Gaetano Aronica as Cicco (adult)
Valentino Picone as Luigi
Salvo Ficarra as Nino
Lina Sastri as Tana
Angela Molina as Sarina (adult)
Nicole Grimaudo as Sarina (young girl)
Margareth Madè as Mannina
Francesco Scianna as Peppino
Giuseppe Tornatore Writer/Director
Ennio Morricone Music Composer